I am my favorite company. My city is my best guest. My tunes are the soundtrack to my life. The subway is my house and carriage. I am my photographer. - Shotbyshe


First and last beautiful day I had the fortune of capturing this summer. I’ve been wasting opportunities and beautiful days away at work instead of taking photos. I hate that money is so important. I wish I could just travel around and capture everything I see. Just me, my iPod, and my Canon. Pity though, money is what paid for them, and money is what will pay for traveling. - Shotbyshe

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I just finished watching the pilot for this new Fall show called A to Z that is up right now on Watch it there now or wait ‘til Oct 2.

I found out about it during the wonderful Emmy’s last night and thought I’d give it a shot because I like a lot of NBC shows (Community, SNL, Parenthood, etc.).

A to Z is a super cliche, yet super cute show, with an adorable sarcastic cast followed by an equal adorable, romantically comedic script. I really like it. I look forward to the second episode.

I even learned something watching this:

  1. There can be dustbowls during concerts.
  2. Specialized bars have unique names for their own drinks, ie: Martini Luther King Jr. (If this isn’t new to anyone else it’s because I don’t get out much.)
  3. The Baader Meinhof situation — I always knew there was a name for what this is I just didn’t know what, and now I do. I will not tell you what it is (if you don’t already know). Either Google it or watch A to Z!!

"Andrew and Zelda will date for 8 months 3 weeks 5 days and 1 hour. This television program is the comprehensive account of their relationship from A to Z."

Film Journal: #111, #112

8.17 — Soapdish (1991) — Grade: C

8.21 — Gone With The Wind (1939) — Grade: A+

Memoirs of A Geisha (2005) directed by Rob Marshall

I watched this film for the 500th time today. I love it so much. It’s one of my all-time favorites. Everyone should see and I promise you’ll love it too.

Memoirs of A Geisha (2005) directed by Rob Marshall

It pains me that many people don’t know about this wonderful film.

A little video about me failing at movie making.

On top of everything that went wrong here in this video, when I edited it some of the damn audio didn’t render. Cannot win!